Essence of Old Chelsea, Quebec needs to be preserved


by admin on March 31, 2011

The Editor,


Louise Schwartz’s story, “Distinction fights extinction in Old Chelsea,” in last week’s The Way We Were column (Low Down, March 23 edition) was both informative and timely.

Her account of several of the oldest buildings in Old Chelsea, Quebec village reminded me of the rich history at the centre of our community that lives on in these structures. It is remarkable that much of the essence of “downtown Old Chelsea” remains largely unchanged after all these years, despite some relocation, renovation and new paint.

I hope that we will find a way to continue to preserve the historical character of the heart of Old Chelsea village, while at the same time supporting businesses and homeowners to upgrade their properties, in ways that protect this heritage.

As a gateway to Gatineau Park, Old Chelsea is a prime tourist destination and a growing number of visitors are putting pressure on our village in terms of numbers of people, traffic and parking.

We need a plan to accommodate these demands without giving up our rural and historical character. If we don’t, we will lose the thread to our past and what makes our village so special.


Amanda Shaughnessy

Chelsea, Quebec