Evil or stupid is a tough choice in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on November 25, 2009

The Editor,

That’s it?  Really?  I waited all week and this is the response to the “Mayor Green Letter of Demand” saga?  Does the Chelsea, Quebec mayor really want to go with the “it isn’t a legal document” defence?  Really?  ‘Cause I’m looking at the picture in the paper, and you know, it sure looks like a legal document.  Yep, even has that there legal stuff on it.  And that guy who delivered it to the paper didn’t work for UPS.
I also can’t help but notice how at no point does the mayor actually suggest that she either takes responsibility for sending the letter in the manner that she did, nor that she acknowledges that it was a pretty dumb thing to do.  She merely feels that the attention it got is “unfortunate” and that she “regrets the response”.  Yes, it sure is unfortunate that all those people got upset about that letter.  Who would have thought that would happen?
So I guess our options are to believe either that she thinks it is a good idea to send threatening legal letters to the media to try and intimidate them or that she isn’t bright enough to know that having a bailiff deliver a “personal letter” to the media is likely to ignite a media feeding frenzy.  Evil or stupid is always a tough choice.
Enjoy the next four years, Mayor.

John Morrow