Expansionary impulses not welcome in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on February 23, 2011

The Editor,

Disregarding the established zoning for Old Chelsea, Quebec and looking at the village as though it were a painting which, in effect, is what the visioning process was, there was found a unanimous preference for Old Chelsea to remain untouched, situated as it is in a setting of wooded slopes.

This vision is cost-effective to the highest degree. The only expenditure was for sanitation, where the modest Scott Road proposal was recognized as the solution.

At this time, the Common Ground Plan with its surface water supply, was well received, and the Chelsea Creek project was accepted, though without enthusiasm, after the referendum squabble. It did not rely on municipal money. This is what we understood when involved in the visioning.

The spirit of the Meredith family’s donation of land in the centre village does seem at odds with the development of the village’s remaining pastoral acres. Although there is some sympathetic recognition of the difficulty in restraining expansionary impulses,   there are many places in this big country of ours where these impulses are welcomed.

In Chelsea, not so much.

Mike Gregory

Chelsea, Quebec