Fond memories of Glen Cross


by admin on December 4, 2013

The Editor,


I read your story about the Cross Glen house (“Wakefield home exudes Scottish character and modernity”, Nov. 27 edition) with great interest. The photo of the front entry showing the dark woodwork looked exactly the way it did when I visited the house as a young girl.


In winter, we would go in through the kitchen door to the heat of the Findlay Oval woodstove, where a pot of tea was always at the ready. Our aunts, Grace and Viola, played many games of Chinese checkers and Old Maid with my sister, Caroline, and me, before giving us tea and cinnamon toast.


Our grandmother, Jessie Munro, was of Scottish descent – it was she who contributed the “glen” of Cross Glen.


It was so nice to see our grandparent’s wonderful old house showcased.


Jessie M. Doxtater

Wakefield, QC


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