Four charged in slew of Gatineau Hills B&Es


by Trevor Greenway on June 24, 2009

June 17, 2009  -  MRC des Collines Police busted into a Hull, Quebec apartment June 18, seizing stolen goods from 15 break-ins that took place over the past three weeks in Chelsea, Quebec, Cantley and Val des Monts.

Police recovered stolen credit cards, jewelry and two Lord of the Rings replica swords from the apartment, but they are still looking for some stolen cash and electronics that most likely ended up in pawn shops around the city.

“The girl was going to pawn shops and selling the goods,” said MRC des Collines Spokesperson Martin Fournel.

“The case is not closed, there are still some items that were taken that we are still looking for.”

Orina Gendreau-Fillion, 19, Kyle McCormik Gregory,18 Jordan Teasley Dicenso,19 and Curtis Morrison, 18, all of Hull have been charged in connection with all 15 break-ins after the foursome admitted to the crimes following an interrogation. The four face charges of breaking and entering, fraud, and possession of stolen goods. Three of the criminals have been released and will appear in court July 8, but Morrison has been detained because he was on probation for a previous armed robbery charge. He will appear in court July 22.

Of the 15 break-ins three were in Chelsea, seven in Val des Monts and five were in Cantley.

“They were doing break and enterings all over the place,” added Fournel.

“We had many complaints over the past few weeks.”

MRC des Collines police managed to pull the foursome over a couple of weeks ago in Val des Monts after a call came in on a suspicious vehicle, but police couldn’t link them to the crimes.

“At that point we weren’t able to press charges, but we had our eye on them.”

After an intense investigation, police were finally able to pin the crimes on the four.

Gatineau Police are now looking in their files to see if the individuals can be linked to any more break-ins or robberies in the city.