Free Wakefield spring water worth it for tourism


by admin on February 12, 2014

The Editor,

So, Mayor Bussière is considering charging “outsiders” for the water that flows from the Wakefield spring? “The spring is being paid for by La Pêche residents for people from all over,” he said, and then asked, “Is that normal?”

The answer is “yes”. When people come from “all over” to visit and enjoy your resources, that’s called “tourism”. Bussière points out that La Pêche is paying fifteen thousand dollars a year to maintain the spring. To me, spending a mere fifteen thousand dollars a year to bring in people from all over is a steal. If the mayor still has issues with this, perhaps he should consider taking the money from the tourism budget. The return on investment for such a small outlay would be far greater than the dividends that are currently being paid on the millions that were invested in the steam train. Remember the steam train? It’s not bringing in too many people from “all over” these days.

Tim Scapillato

Wakefield, QC

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