Fruit orchard in Wakefield, Quebec worth $1 million


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor:

In response to La Peche Mayor Robert Bussiere’s question, “We’re talking an acre of fruit trees. How much is that worth?” (March 24 edition):
How much is one acre of fruit trees worth? Thank you for asking. In dollar value alone, each acre is worth roughly $35,000 wholesale per season. This is not a prediction, but a reflection of current market value. The acre prepared by the Wakefield Organic Fruit Co-operative at Eco Echo is a pilot project for a 30-acre orchard. By current market value, that represents more than $1 million annually.

Our idea is to give folks an opportunity to grow an abundance of fresh, local organic fruit, of sufficient quality and quantity to offset imported fruit, which in turn reduces the number of trucks on our roads.

But the true value goes well beyond that since we will provide local employment, offer a sustainable food source and add another attraction to our growing tourism industry. Local businesses, retailers and restaurants will benefit from new products from the orchard. We invite you to join us at this season. For more information, e-mail:

Nicole Koch, Co-ordinator
Wakefield Organic Fruit Coop