Gatineau, Quebec hookup puts plug in water, sewer costs


by admin on May 26, 2010

The Editor,
The one aspect I have failed to notice in your illustrious pages is the opportunity for lower costs in Chelsea, Quebec arising from scale economies with our nearest neighbor, Gatineau, regarding water and sewage treatment. I can’t understand our municipality’s desire to be self-sufficient in this regard, unless it results in lower long-term cost for Chelseaites.

Perhaps this information is available. If so, I would be interested in knowing which is the least expensive option: investing in our own water and sewage systems for the town core, or seeking arrangements with Gatineau city, which is literally on our doorstep.

Judging from the cost overuns in Farm Point, I believe we should look at innovative, if not bold, alternatives before embarking on yet more plans. Many may argue that this may somehow compromise Chelsea’s wonderful rural setting. But do two pipes running underground, perhaps at lower cost to residents and business, compromise our wonderful lifestyle?
The true heresy is the 40-per cent tax increase over the next decade to finance these endeavors, amongst others.

Marc Legault
Cascades, Quebec