General decency not grounds for special dumping privileges


by admin on September 23, 2009

The Editor,

I’m writing about the avalanche of criticism you seem to have received surrounding your story about a garbage pile found on Mr. McSheffery’s land. I just wanted the letter writers, and Mr. McSheffery to know that I read the original article and did not for a second come away with the impression that he was a “bad guy”.  I’m sure he is an honest and honourable man, like most of us.  I didn’t feel that the story cast him in the role of villain, and I’m sure everyone around here knows that practices like this are common.  Not that this makes them okay.

I did, however, want to ask Ms. Harris, Mr. McClelland, and Mr. Moore if they could send the Low Down a list of all the people in the area who have lived in this area long enough, and who are good enough people, that the rules shouldn’t actually apply to them.  This would probably make it easier for you to distinguish whose garabage dumps your are allowed to report on.

John Morrow