Get back to work, Cannon!


by admin on January 13, 2010

By Michael Bussiere

An open letter to Mr. Cannon,

It must be a great relief to take an extended break from work. I, and let me assume, we (meaning “average” Canadians, whatever the heck that means) can only imagine what a gift of the good life it must be to be given a three-month vacation. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the jackpot sensation that must have overcome you when you learned about the boss’ decision.

Brilliant timing really, considering how exhausted you must all be from holding all those oversized novelty cheques dishing our money into our communities courtesy of the Conservative Party, logo blazing like the fires of enlightenment!

And when we take into account your incredible acumen for international affairs (imagine knowing better than 111 former ambassadors – wow!), your vacation is truly a deserved one.

But, as with all good luck must come some frustration. I imagine it will take you some time to wind down from the stress of having to wait until (well, when exactly?) to get to the bottom of Richard Colvin’s accusations of the mishandling of Afghan detainees, accusations of cover-ups etc. And while we’d all like to see the Taliban burn in hell, there is the delicate issue of Canadian and international laws possibly being broken by someone in your government.

I support you in your recovery from this lost opportunity. In fact, I never would have known about it if I didn’t happen to be paying attention during the holidays to your smarmy little boss’ cheap tactics. Please tell him when you see him and his entire staff at the Olympics that we are not the stupid morons he hopes we are, that we’ve been connecting the dots, and we’ve been paying attention. And as far as his challenge in “recalibrating” the economic plan (anything other than big novelty cheques would be a plan, by the way), even Richard Nixon could walk and chew gum at the same time.  Unless the recalibration involves some seismic shift (legalize pot? intern Chelseaites who are a bit too, umm you know, yuppie?) then get the hell back to work and do your freakin’ job!

You see Mr. Cannon, by proroguing Parliament twice in one year, your little leader is telling Canadians through our elected representatives to shut the hell up and leave him alone. Don’t bother him with touchy matters like international law or anything that he cannot control. It may not be comfortable, but that’s life!

So, when you see him at the Olympics, tell him from me that if he can’t take the heat… and as far as you are concerned sir, defy you leader and get back to work on the 25th! Show up in Parliament!

Michael Bussiere lives in Low.