Give La Peche, Que credit for Lac Gauvreau


by admin on August 19, 2009

The Editor,

The 29 July article “Cold summer’s good news” includes the declaration regarding Lac Gauvreau that the provincial government “intervened and installed a bubble generating windmill to pump in more oxygen”. On the contrary, this intervention was undertaken by the Municipality of La Peche, as a follow-on to their experimental installation at Lac Lola.  By far and away, the biggest supporter of environmental protection efforts at Lac Gauvreau has been the municipality.  Credit should be given where it is due.

John Leech
L’Association pour la protection de l’environnement du Lac Gauvreau

A private citizen has also installed a bubbler adjacent to his property.  Both these installations have a beneficial, but very local effect in a very restricted part of the lake.
The Municipality has devoted considerable human and financial resources to Lac Gauvreau’s challenges in septic system inspection and correction, water testing and scientific studies, shoreline revitalization…the list goes on.