Gobble gobble! Chelsea, Qc, eats another tax hike


by admin on January 17, 2014

If Mayor Green expected smooth sailing in the 2014 budget vote, she didn’t get it.

Councillor Barb Martin not only voted against the $1.45 million budget, which includes a 3.21 per cent tax increase – she also demanded to be heard prior to the vote, and delivered a detailed and pointed argument before tossing her ‘no’ into the hat.

Chelsea council typically saves discussion for behind closed doors, only to deliver a unanimous stamp of approval at the public adoption. (For a full account of her speech, and the mayor’s rebuttal, turn to page 3).

The rest of Green’s councillors, all of whom are brand new following last fall’s election, approved this year’s budget of $13,991,000 – although some did appear to be unhappy about it.

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