Good place to sell a used car in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on March 3, 2010

The Editor,

The meeting of interested Chelsea, Quebec residents on Feb. 27 sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, appears to have been a resounding success.

A measure of this can be attributed to the choice of location, l’Oree due Bois Restaurant. It was psychologically well chosen to set one’s frame of mind in a comfortable ambiance. The choice indicated the talent and ability of the promoters to have the advantage of their skill of salesmanship applied in this meeting.

Promotional tools accompanying the presentation were pleasing to the eye, to some extent impressive, however incomplete in visual presentation and in substance. The applied intelligence leaves one wonder whether this was done by innocence or on purpose.

The omission of a functional public address system was felt as willfully intimidating, when accepting the talents of the promoters, leaving the meeting in a mixture of comprehension and assumption and largely in absence of clarity.

Have you ever bought a used car in your life? The quiet presence of municipal officials and employees left a noticeable and unmistakable influence over this meeting.

Kurt Burgstaller

Chelsea, Quebec