Grand send-off for Alcove, Quebec’s ‘go-to’ guy


by admin on January 20, 2010

The Editor,

Today we buried Doug Ryan of Alcove, Quebec and now our community is missing a corner post.

Doug Ryan, friend, mentor, cherished uncle, husband, brother, and in-law fought hard against cancer but still it claimed him.

Ryan’s Garage’s ramp truck took Doug on a last tour of Brennan’s Hill and carefully set him down outside the church in Fieldville. His escort was three of Ryan’s tow truck fleet and a pair of Wakefield fire-trucks, all with lights flashing, accompanied by MRC police and many cars. Mourners filled the church to capacity.

Firefighters formed an honour guard for Doug’s casket and uniformed Ottawa Police and Firefighter reps stood solemnly beside our local heroes as his treasured friends carried him inside.

A driving force in the creation and development of our volunteer fire service, Doug was also the ‘go to’ guy for local and provincial police forces in need of 24/7 emergency tow-truck duty.

He assisted in the building of the Low Arena, contributed to the arena in Masham and he and his wife Maxine donated to countless charities and projects.

Ryan’s Garage in Alcove has always served locals as community central and it also ensured Doug knew the comings and goings of most of us.

The continued smooth operation of Ryan’s throughout Doug’s illness is a testament to the dedication, devotion and respect the crew had for their patron.

The community gathered afterwards at Low’s Heritage Hall to celebrate knowing Doug and honoured him again by providing a hearty lunch and a chance to share memories.

It was a grand send off, and Doug deserved nothing less.

Cindy Duncan McMillan

Farrellton, Quebec