‘Green’ industrial park would fit eco campus in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 10, 2010

The Editor,

Re: Wakefield, Quebec’s next tough question: industrial park or eco campus? March 3 issue

As a resident of Toronto, I’ve come to appreciate the Gatineau during frequent visits over the past seven years to assist Christopher Minnes in creating his vision for the Eco Echo “environmental campus” in Wakefield, Quebec as a sincere and genuine contribution to the future health of his community.

When I enter the valley through which the highway slips I am in the breathless expanse of the Gatineau landscape which frees my spirit.  As a native man, an architect, and a teacher, I have been honoured to be advising and supporting this transformative regional initiative.

Instead of expropriation, I see the prospect of the municipality working together with Eco Echo to attract businesses which serve the values of a “green” consciousness – the manufacture of solar panels and geothermal equipment and contractors, greenhouses, bio blocks, wind power and hydroponics to name a few.  The “industrial park” could be envisioned as a gateway that includes the Eco Echo campus and offers a lovely prelude to the town of Wakefield itself.  I watch this “conversation” with keen interest, and hope.

William Woodworth, B.Arch., Ph.D.

Raweno:kwas, Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River

Adjunct Professor, Waterloo Architecture Cambridge