Green won’t face Meredith heat


by admin on October 28, 2009

The Editor,

Does Chelsea, Quebec’s Meredith Centre need to be revisited by the next council? According to Ms. Green it does not. Or course the referendum verdict (voted on by only a third of residents) narrowly fell to the side she has been leading the charge for, if not perhaps that response would have been different.

“As mayor, I intend to stay in touch with the different needs and concerns of each of these communities.” Then why, since the community is split down the middle on this, do you refuse to even come to the table?

An elected official has an obligation to work for all of its constituents, and work to find compromise. This is hard to do if you see a position of power as a way to implement an existing agenda, nor does it promote unity on what is clearly a heated issue.

Mike Reynolds