Hooray, Rosé!


by admin on August 6, 2010

Wakefield sommelier Christina Stobert reviews good, and a lot of bad, wines that can be found in our local depanneurs and SAQs.

Borsao Rosado, Campo de Borja rosé 2009, Spain, $11.90

Borsao red has been a consistent favourite of mine for years. When I saw the rose on the shelf I was happy to give it a shot.

Bright dark pink in colour with a strawberry nose, this rose is quite dry with lots of berry fruit. Medium bodied, with nice acidity that opens up the mouth. Made up of 100% Garnacha, one of the most common grape varietals in Spain.

Rose is meant for summer. Easy to drink, refreshing.  People who don’t drink white wine will sometimes be tempted as it’s “almost red.” It’s close to it because, simply put, after pressing the juice out of the grapes, they let it sit on the skin of the grapes to pick up the colour. The tannin from the skins of the grape give a slightly heavier flavour than a white wine.  People often pass on rose as they are reminded of the “rose” from California that flooded the markets in the 80′s which was very sweet, ie, White Zinfandel also know as blush wine.  Southern France is a great bet for a nice, crisp dry rose which is a great afternoon drink or a start to a nice meal.  My favourite thing about rose is that is usually very affordable because it’s meant to be drunk young. Cool fact, Rose sales in France are higher than white wine.

If you haven’t tried it before, Borsao is a good example of one to show you the way.