How will Chelsea, Qc keep the party going?


by admin on November 18, 2009

The Editor

Sometimes I think there is no consolation to the idea that we live in interesting times at least. The Municipality of Chelsea, Qc  despite its grand reputation, is only one of many places in this world.

When I look to our neighbours to the south I note that Michigan is ripping up its rural roads and replacing them with gravel as it is on tenth the cost. In California and throughout the States, many housing and other developments sit half finished, a sad and unsightly truth of what happens when banks stop lending and money stops flowing. It’s the kind of thinking that happens when people think the party will never end.

I notice here in the Great White North both federal and provincial governments are screaming deficits and fiscal restraint. Dear heavens, where is the money going to come from to continue the party here in Chelsea?

I, for one, would love some reassurances that our new municipality is able to consider all contingencies even if they aren’t pretty, and some assurances from the developers that they will at least complete that which they may start. There are only 3,000 odd houses here in Chelsea to handle the load after all.

But nevermind all that – attempts at suppression of the press, threats to the electorate with opposing opinions: this is the first thing our new elected officials do? Where do we live again? Is this Russia or WWII Germany?

Sylvia Shawcross
Chelsea, Quebec