Hwy 5 extension design must circle on saving landscape


by admin on July 7, 2010

The Editor,

A question for La Peche, Quebec Director-general Charles Ricard: Do you personally have any control over the design of the Hwy 5 four-lane extension?

The proposed twin traffic-circle design is far too destructive to the landscape at the intersection of Hwy 5 and Valley Drive.

Would not a less destructive design be simply to close off Valley Drive to the Hwy 5 four-lane extension and have all Wakefield Hwy 5 four-lane extension-destined traffic connect at the present Hwy 5 entrance beside the Wakefield police station? Simply bypass Wakefield with the new four-lane extension.

Why destroy all this scenery to save a short drive from Valley Drive to the police station?

How many access points to the Hwy 5 extension do Wakefield area residents require?

Norman Bourgault

Wakefield, Quebec