Hwy 5 traffic circle design fires plea to MP Cannon


by admin on July 14, 2010

The Editor,

An open letter to MP Lawrence Cannon:

With reference to the dual traffic-circle design for the intersection of Valley Drive and Hwy 105, Wakefield residents do not appear to approve of this plan as the dual traffic circles will be a blight on the present natural country landscape.

There is also great concern as to what damage may be done to the source of the Valley Drive water spring by rock blasting. There are other questions:

Will pedestrian and bicycle access from Wakefield to Brown Lake be maintained?

Is it necessary to have both a Valley Drive and a Wakefield police station access to the new four-lane Hwy 5?

Is a single access to the new four-lane Hwy 5 at the Wakefield police station not sufficient?

Could not the new four-lane Hwy 5 simply bypass Valley Drive?

It appears that the mayor of La Peche may not be interested in the Wakefield area residents’ opinions.

As the federal member of Parliament representing Wakefield area residents, would you please directly mail a questionnaire to the mailing addresses of both the full-time and  seasonal cottage residents of this area to request their input, so that this massive change to the environment will be accomplished in a reasoned, democratic and fair manner?

Norman Bourgault

Wakefield, Quebec