Idea of making politicians work for votes holds water in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on April 13, 2011

The Editor,


Judging by his lack of response on this issue, it seems that Lawrence Cannon has decided not to get involved in the septic treatment debate. Despite a federal water policy that states “water is our most neglected resource,” federal responsibility for fish habitat and the environment and the availability of federal funds to support more environmentally friendly infrastructure, Cannon appears to have decided that there is no federal jurisdiction here.

The truth is, this is a federal issue. It concerns clean drinking water, it concerns healthy waterways, it concerns fish habitat and the environment. This is an election issue if we choose to make it one.

The federal government has created the policy, now they need to support it with funds for environmental study of the river and support for more environmental septic treatment for our region. The candidates are asking for our support. This is our chance to demand commitment to the important issues of our riding. Let’s make them work for our votes.


Patrick Connor

Chelsea, Quebec