Interfaith Partnership sounds Summit call for action


by admin on June 9, 2010

Take Action Re G8 and G20 summits! Join the “Call for Inspired Leadership and Action” movement!

Just ahead of the forthcoming G8 Summit, up to a hundred global religious leaders from diverse faiths, including Baha’i, Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Islam, Indigenous Spirituality and Shinto traditions, will gather for the G8 Religious Leaders Summit in Winnipeg.

The event is being organized by the 2010 Canadian Interfaith Partnership, and will bring together leaders of faith from the G8 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) and from Africa.

“For the first time in recorded history, the religious and political leadership of G8 nations have a common language, for a common agenda, for the advancement of the whole human community rather than for sectarian or political goals,” says James Christie, Secretary General of the 2010 G8 Religious Leaders Summit and Dean of Theology at The University of Winnipeg, and ordained in the United Church of Canada.

Canada’s Interfaith Partnership has, as a collectivity, asked for our help here in the Riding of the Pontiac in re-articulating this common agenda to our Member of Parliament, Lawrence Cannon. It is calling for us to fully endorse this call for action. So it is that a petition is being circulated across all religions and throughout our communities with the focus on three key issues:

  • Address Poverty – Practise responsible public oversight of markets; reach the goal of giving 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income in development assistance; cancel debts of poor countries without regressive conditions; ensure workers earn living wages; make poverty reduction a priority in trade and international negotiations.
  • Care for The Earth – Wealthier countries must move beyond self-interest; implement concrete plans to ensure global average temperatures do not exceed a 2 C increase from pre-industrial levels; innovative leadership must increase collaboration between rich and poor countries to support climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Invest in Peace – We call on governments to make new and greater investments in building peace through negotiation, mediation and humanitarian support, including the control and reduction of small arms that cause over 300,000 deaths globally every year; to make immediate and substantial cuts in the number of nuclear weapons and to cease the practice of having nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

Over the next two weeks, we will be actively asking all people of good faith in the Pontiac riding to sign a simple endorsement to this effect – to urge our government to reduce poverty, care for the Earth and invest in peace. We expect accountable follow-through on past promises. We expect bold new actions.

Please support this call for genuine action by signing our Pontiac endorsement – available through churches and religious institutions across the Pontiac as well as in public libraries, general stores and wherever communities gather.

You can also endorse this call for action on line at and click the “Sign Our Petition” button.

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