Just because I’m white . . .


by Cynthia Vukets on September 2, 2009

Doesn’t mean I’m on a perpetual hunt for souvenirs.

Every day when I’m walking home from work these guys come up to me with little flyers advertising their “Masai market” curio shop. It’s a hole in the wall from what I can tell, a far cry from the famous Masai Market that takes place three times a week here, with hundreds of vendors selling beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, clothing and art. It’s a bit annoying to get the same sales pitch every day. So this week I said “Oh asante, but na enda kazi” (Thanks, but I have to get to work.)

The guy stopped in his tracks, his jaw dropped and he said “Oh. You speak Swahili? You’re not a tourist?!” and let me go. (One of my proudest moments so far ;o)