Keep it real and region prospers


by admin on November 11, 2009

The Editor,

My wife and I recently got back from a trip to Prince Edward County.  I was totally impressed the way the people of that region celebrated their rural heritage, their arts, culture, their great outdoors, their main streets and the way the community markets the area.

In talking with the owners of a local gallery and a rural farm enterprise, they both said the same things. They talked about how the region works together to celebrate what the region has to offer.  The municipal councils, provincial government, the artists, the business people, tourism and the economic development people all work together to make the area a unique paradise not only for those living there but for visitors alike.

The area has capitalized on what makes it special and through a spirit of cooperation has managed to grow without losing its unique character.

We can learn the lessons provided by Prince Edward County.  One, keep it real, two, do not lose your unique character and three, capitalize and perfect on what you already have as a region.

Kensel Tracy

Chelsea, Quebec