Kill the dog strangling vine!


by admin on July 8, 2009

The Editor,

It is time to pull out Dog Strangling Vine in Chelsea, Quebec! Let’s reduce new seed production by pulling up as much as we can before the plants go to seed. If you are able to volunteer an hour or two (or more) of your time to pull it up, please contact Stephanie Sewell at You may also call Isabelle Pitre at the Municipality of Chelsea at 827-1124.
The Municipality, in conjunction with residents, has developed a map of DSV locations in Chelsea. We need to target the smaller patches: they are growing in size every year and sending seeds flying that cause new patches to form. If someone goes and pulls up, or whippersnips the plants in those patches now, then no new seeds will be produced this year. The plants are tall and break off easily at the ground, so the work is not intensely physical. This is an important first step in bringing DSV under control in our community.
If you would like to see what a DSV infestation looks like, please visit the ditches on the west side of the 105, south of Montrose. If you would like more information about DSV, please go to the Muncipality’s web site or to Ottawa’s Fletcher Wildlife Garden Site
Stephanie Sewell