La Peche needs light industry measured in gigabyte-size portions


by admin on September 29, 2010

The Editor,

For months now, a group of citizens from across La Peche have been trying to get council to see the financial and societal risks associated with an industrial park at the entrance to the municipality near Wakefield, Quebec.

Not only does the viability of such a park make the multimillion-dollar “investment” of our tax dollars very risky, but there are significant arguments against many of the touted benefits.

For their part, council had attempted to explain that an industrial park is what the people of La Peche want and need – a position that is doubtful given that most citizens are unaware of the project (which has never been the basis for any election platform or municipal plan).

Indeed, the motives of the project are questionable, owing to the fact that the project has its genesis in closed-door discussions between the mayor and private businessmen.
If mayor and council are sincere about creating good opportunities for our youth, attracting innovative industries, decreasing commute distances, all the while maintaining the reputation of La Peche as a great place to live, they should be looking at ways of expanding access to High Speed Internet throughout the municipality.

Whether it be the Grade 5 student in Lac-des-Loups, the start-up custom furniture business in Rupert or the gaming-software developer in Masham, opportunity and success will be measured in gigabytes . . . that is what the people need!

If council has a role to play in any such development, let them know where it is that you would like them to spend your money.

Paul Brown, Yves Manning, Roch Tasse, Sylvia Spring, Martine Vaugien Gadbois, Christiane Montpetit

La Peche, Quebec