La Peche, Quebec council left to dig for answer to burial plot request


by Trevor Greenway on December 9, 2010

When Arleen Prost stood up at the Dec. 6 La Peche, Quebec council meeting, it wasn’t to protest a development or ask about snow-plowing. Instead, the East Aldfield resident wanted to know if her and her husband could be buried on their family farm.

“My husband and I would like to be buried on our property,” said the 60-year-old. “Our land is 565 acres, so I am pretty certain that we can find a spot where we won’t bother anybody.”

Prost has talked the request over with her children, who will inherit the land after the couple dies. She says it’s a way to stay with them forever.

“We want to make sure . . . ,”said Prost before La Peche Mayor Bussiere finished her sentence.

“That you remain with them,” finished Bussiere, bursting into laughter.

Bussiere said it marked the first time in his public career that he’s had to field such a subject, but he said it is “doable.” He said council would consider Prost’s request respond sometime in the New Year. In other business, council:

• Renewed the 2011, 2012 and 2013 contract with Velo-Service to patrol the Sunday cycling activities on Riverside Drive for $1,650, $1,800 and $1,950 respectively. The costs will be shared with the municipality of Chelsea.

• Granted the Ste-Sophie d’Aldfield Community Centre $1,750 for maintenance of its outdoor hockey rink.

• Granted the Rupert Community Centre $1,125 for maintenance of its outdoor hockey rink.

• Purchased a new air exchanger for the municipal office for $4,230.

• Hired lawyers to take action against five property owners in La Peche for septic tank infractions. The properties are located on Albert-Labelle, Montee Chartrand, and George Clarke Roads and Principal East.

• Hired lawyers to take action against four property owners on Beaumont, Wakefield Heights, Rutherford and Lac Notre-Dame Roads for shoreline infractions, where most of the work done was without a permit.

• Adopted a loan by-law for $23,732.50 to be paid by beneficiaries of the Wakefield sewer system on Riverside Drive, south of Rockhurst Road. The money will go toward a study and plans and specifications to expand the sewer system.

• Declined an offer of $345,000 for the purchase of the Wakefield Library.