La Peche Quebec’s mayor trading septic sludge in river for tax revenues stinks


by admin on February 2, 2011

The Editor,

Open letter to the mayor and La Peche council:

Is it the La Peche, Quebec mayor’s position, that he desires the construction of a sewage plant, to “treat” the MRC septic sludge, up river of Wakefield in order to collect this additional industrial property tax revenue?

Is the collection of this additional industrial property tax revenue a reasonable tradeoff in exchange for degrading the Gatineau River swimming areas at Wakefield into a low-level pollution cesspool of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

Regardless of how low the BOD ratio is, why should Wakefield and area residents now be expected to swim in diluted MRC septic sludge? What is to be the policy for when the sewage plant receives a surge in loads of septic sewage during summer droughts and lower Gatineau River water levels?

The residents of Wakefield and area wish to know the mayor’s position.

Does the mayor not have a private residence bordering a local lake? Could the MRC septic plant not be built at this lake with an aeration plant to treat the now BOD-enriched lake water?

The technology in aerating the mayor’s lake water, receiving the BOD discharge of the MRC septic plant, exists. Is this option acceptable to the mayor? I think not.

Norman Bourgault

Wakefield, Quebec