Lakefront duck control tactic shore-sighted


by admin on August 4, 2010

The Editor,

The following is a short comment on an incident I observed this week. Having lived here for a large part of my life, I find it disappointing to see our folly dealing with local natural resources (the lake and the ducks).

Only One Lake?

I came upon a lake one day

In the lovely Gatineaus for a short stay.

Families of geese (the dreaded Canadian kind), mallard and loon

Serenaded and danced from sunrise through moon.

“There are too many ducks,” some people did say,

Those ones who had cut lawns down to the bay.

The choices many, the successes few

They took a stand, knew just what to do.

The shotgun was shot: I got no stew!

The lake is now quiet.

No shit on their shoe.

Peter Quinn

Former Rupert, Quebec resident