Letter gets sewage issue wrong


by admin on March 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: “Don’t rush septic waste into the Gatineau River”, Letter, March 10 edition.

The letter by Peter Outridge was written by someone who has little if any real knowledge of the septic problem in the MRC des Collines. There are many errors in his letter: The Pontiac is in the MRC des Collines and not a separate area; any decisions are made by the regional directors of all the MRC. The MRC des Collines comprises 45,000 homes in an area that stretches from L’Ange Gardien to the Pontiac and from Gatineau to Lac Bernard in the north.

Outridge says the septic waste treatment uses chlorine, but how does he know that? Both the filtration process and chlorine use await a final decision, and any process adopted must be approved by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. Outridge says water quality will be compromised, begging the question: How many people swim or boat in the Gatineau River between Farrellton and Chelsea?” Very few, if any.

The biggest farce is where this gentleman basically states, “Let’s build it on the Ottawa River, not on the Gatineau.” Are you saying “Yes, let’s build it, but not in my back yard, let’s put it in someone else’s yard?” What do you think those people will say?

Outridge also states: “The City of Ottawa will take our waste after the deadline” (temporarily). For your information, they will take it now. Are you ready to pay the extra cost? The price of pumping septic tanks could double if sewage is trucked to Ottawa.

Ladies and gentlemen, wake up! We need the dumpsite and no matter what you say it will happen. The government will order it. Remember the cell tower in Chelsea? The citizens didn’t want it, the municipality was heehawing, finally the government stepped in and said it will be built for public safety, and it was built. At least one mayor has taken the bull by the horns and is trying to do something.

The MRC des Collines has tripled in size in the last 10-15 years and is no longer cottage country. The population is growing and the environmental needs are changing and growing. Either we get it done now and start protecting our resources or our children will pay dearly for it in the future. You should ask yourself: “If this site is built, what direct negative impact will it have on me?”

Very little, if any.

Gilles Chartrand

Cantley, Quebec

(Editor’s note: Gilles Chartrand is also the owner of Oops Pompage Septik.)