Letters: Are we becoming more desensitized?


by admin on January 29, 2014

The Editor,

Re: ‘Like crashes? Checkout urgence07.ca’ (Jan. 22, p.3)

This article and its unbelievable title “Like crashes?” concerns a website that calls on people to send in photos of various tragedies in our region (“car crashes, fires, homicides, and other emergency response-related news”). The article appears directly below another entitled: “Woman dies in car crash”.

The photo was taken by Marc Racine, one of the people involved in urgence07.ca. The site is basically about trolling our roads for tragedies to photograph. His trolling partner, Sebastien Lalonde, is quoted as saying: “It’s a lot of work for pleasure….” He hopes they can monetize the site.

I would never wish a tragedy of any kind on Messrs Racine or Lalonde or any member of their families … let alone that it be photographed for the viewing “pleasure” of the public. However, that might be the only way they will ever come to understand how objectionable it is to publicize the pain of others. There is no doubt that many people in our increasingly desensitized world want to view such photos. That only makes it all the more depressing.

Pam Devine

Lascelles, QC

Ed note:

Your comment about our desensitized world is spot on. Perhaps we are becoming immune to images of tragedy, what with the exposure that bombards us daily through various media. Nonetheless, urgence07.ca gets 100,000 hits daily, which demonstrates that some people just can’t get enough of a bad thing.


The Editors


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