Letters: Grand-Boisé drop-off policy: an accident waiting to happen?


by admin on January 17, 2014

On Monday Jan. 13, Marie-Claude Rodrigue, the Directrice of Grand-Boisé school in Chelsea, sent a letter to parents informing them that all use of the school parking lot and use of the drop off zone in peak traffic times was henceforth prohibited and that our local police have been asked to enforce the edict. Parents are now required to drop their children off on the side of Scott Road. This section of Scott Road is located at the entrance to a major highway. The speed limit is 50 km, although school zone limits are typically lower in urban centres. Speeding cars are regularly clocked at 80 km in this zone. The day on which the message was transmitted by Ms Rodrigue, freezing rain blanketed much of Chelsea.

Accidents can and do happen. Grand-Boisé has recently taken extraordinary measures to protect its students from wilful harm while on its property. However, school administration has inexplicably decided to force arriving and departing children into harm’s way in a significant traffic corridor during periods when commuter traffic is at its peak. Should an accident happen on a Chelsea municipal road, it is unclear where the liability would lie. I would suggest it is in the interest of our municipal councillors and the Commission Scolaire des Portages de l’Outouais to resolve this situation before a tragedy occurs.


Craig Stewart

Chelsea, Quebec

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