Letters: Pay the rate and get out of the way


by admin on January 29, 2014

The Editor,

We are residents on Ruth Road in Wakefield, across from the hospital. We have, on more than one occasion over the past two years, spoken with various council members and police officers about vehicles that park on Burnside Road in front of the hospital.

Why are vehicles allowed to park on the road at all? It is a flat rate of $5 to park in the lot. Often, there are vehicles parked on the hill in the northbound direction, making it impossible to drive up Burnside without crossing over into the southbound lane.

With the increased traffic in winter due to skiing at Vorlage, and the high snow banks that are the result of ploughing both the road and the parking lots, it is only a matter of time until there is a tragic accident at this location.

Who from the municipality will be responsible when such an accident occurs? Would a member of our local government please take action before it is too late?

Onalea and John Nesbitt

Wakefield, QC

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