Letters: Put price tag on Wakefield, Qc, spring?


by admin on January 17, 2014

The Editor,

We commute to Danford Lake regularly and often stop at the Wakefield spring for water. We probably fill from 35 to 40 carboys each year. If we were buying them in a store, we’d be spending between $150 and $200 per year.

Bottled water is now sold everywhere. Why should Wakefield, without any onus on anyone, give away its water for free? Our suggestion is to monetize the spring in a positive way by using it to raise money for charity. We believe there are many benevolent people who would be favourably disposed to helping local charities in exchange for that beautiful, fresh, clear water.

You would be appealing to peoples’ better instincts. Perhaps a sign could be erected at the spring; perhaps the “Chuckle Bros” could be enlisted to add a little humour. When a donation is made, a windshield sticker stating, “I support the Wakefield Spring” could be issued along with the receipt.

We don’t believe there would be any legal implications because you’re not ‘selling’ the water per se.

Nothing returned, nothing gained. What do you think?

Tony and Susan Fisher

Ottawa, ON

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avatar David jones January 19, 2014 at 9:09 am

Since I have been a child I have used the Wakefield spring to fill up water bottles and stop for the odd drink while running or on a bike ride, their are also many locals who use this water supply as drinking water in their house hold due to too much iron or sulfur in their wells. To charge locals for a water supply that is used as their sole potable water supply would be asinine.

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