Liam Fitzgerald for Chelsea, Quebec mayor

liam1Welcome to the blog page for Liam Fitzgerald.

The Low Down has invited him to post his campaign platform, ideas, and any other information about the candidate here. We also invite comments from the public in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

“First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the Low Down and Nikki for providing us this forum to present our ideas and beliefs to the residents of Chelsea, I am positive that we will have a lively debate over the next couple of weeks, so thank you.”

Who is Liam Fitzgerald and Why am I Running for Mayor?

Since I moved to Chelsea in 1995 I have come to appreciate more and more living in such a peaceful environment endowed with so many natural opportunities. Yet In the past few years it is with some bewilderment that I have seen Council, some ‘public interest groups’ and developers push for changes that I believe aren’t suited for Chelsea. I have seen our taxes and debt increase dramatically and I have become concerned that we will lose what most Chelsea residents have come to love if we continue on this course. I feel that by maintaining what we have, and if needed, developing things slowly and thoughtfully will offer more for present and future generations than the changes that have been proposed. Read More.