Lock doors on mean-spirited tickets


by admin on December 4, 2013

The Editor,


I’ve just read Nikki Mantell’s editorial (“Unlocked doors to knock on door from bailiff”, Nov. 27 edition) on getting ticketed for an unlocked car door, incurred during her visit to the Wakefield hospital, and a subsequent visit from the bailiff for said infraction.

Seriously, folks: if the MRC des Collines police have so much spare time on their hands that they can spend it on pursuing ridiculous and mean-spirited tickets for unlocked doors, and conducting roadside blockades checking for that nefarious and threat-to-the-public-good peril of tinted windows, it is evident that we are supporting a seriously bloated and unnecessary police force – or at least one which does not have its priorities straight.


I don’t know who, politically, has oversight over the force (I assume it’s some form of police services board), but whoever it is, they should be exercising some guidance on how the force carries out its duties.


Rick Hughes

Old Chelsea, Quebec


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