Low Down a no-show at skate finale


by admin on April 28, 2010

The Editor,

I picked up my April 21 copy of the Low Down with great excitement.

I had seen the very nice story and pictures of the Gatineau Valley Skating Club’s year-end show, and I was expecting to see equal treatment of the year-end show put on by  the La Peche Skating Club. I remember last year that both shows were covered by The News.

To my great astonishment I found absolutely NO coverage of this wonderful local event.

The children, coaches and numerous parent volunteers (all from our local community) worked very hard to put the La Peche show together. The audience enjoyed the    youngsters’ enthusiasm, applauded their great strides in skills development and the sheer beauty of their skating. It was a pleasure to watch.

Maybe next year you would consider doing a story about this skating club also found in our area.

Lisa Semenoff

Wakefield, Quebec