Low Down readers earn share of kudos for Terry Fox success


by admin on October 20, 2010

The Editor,

On behalf of all Philemon Wright High School and Hadley Junior High School students and staff, I would like to thank many of your readers for the generosity they have shown in supporting our annual Terry Fox Run.

With finally tallies in, our two schools together raised just under $12,500! We have many people to thank for our students’ success in surpassing our fundraising goal.

That includes the families of our students, the phys ed teachers who co-ordinated the day’s events and our Grade 11 Leadership students who promoted the event amongst our student body, ran a very successful BBQ and assisted with the organization of the run.

It was a very gratifying day for all involved. Thank you once again!

Sheila Strickland,

School Life Co-ordinator

Philemon Wright HS / Hadley Junior HS