Low, Quebec developer meant to laud senator’s initiative


by admin on September 1, 2010

The Editor,
The headline, “Low developer has high opinion of Lavigne,” on the Real Estate story (Low Down, Aug. 25 edition), is inaccurate.

I do not know Sen. Raymond Lavigne personally, nor do I have knowledge of what he has contributed during the course of his public life and professional career. Thus, I am not in a position to express any opinion on Sen. Lavigne, high or low, nor would I in such a forum.

What I have done is laud Sen. Lavigne’s initiative to change the flood plain elevations on the Gatineau River between the Chelsea and Paugan Dams, and the content of your story reflects accurately my views on this matter.

As for content, I would like to be more precise on the following matters:

First, the decrease in the new 20-year and 100-year flood-event elevations by 1.3 metres is particular to our location.

Second, we have 11 lots which have land in the flood zone and the new elevations mean that the flood-zone area on these lots is now largely limited to the shore-protection zone.

Third, the elevations of the prepared building sites are all above the new 100-year flood- event elevation and thus are not subject to Quebec flood-zone building regulations.

I would appreciate your pointing out the clarifications.
Tom Houston
Low, Quebec