Maintaining status relegated to low rung on Chelsea, Quebec council agenda


by admin on August 11, 2010

The Editor,

Agenda items for Chelsea, Quebec council are hard to create. The mayor can put items on the agenda any time she likes. The Director-general can, too. So can any two councillors.

Citizens have to propose items for approval at the public council meeting.

Although I don’t know of any citizen-proposed items that have been approved. This last option allows council to claim that it has a grip on “power to the people.” But with the present disposition of the council, which appears to be “development at any cost,” you can bet that no serious consideration would be given to an item like “How to maintain the status quo in Chelsea.”

Maintaining the status quo in Chelsea is a legitimate concern. And while thousands of  Chelsea taxpayer dollars are being spent on plans for development, no consideration is being given to the option of doing as little as necessary or simply leaving things alone.

It seems clear that something is driving the community toward development. Something other than the small number of vocal business owners who stand to make significant gains from development.

What is it that motivates normal citizens to support the urgent push to suburbanize? Were promises made? Contracts signed? Can these be unwound? What does the normal citizen get from ruining the rural community?

It is becoming clear that “development at any cost” is the wrong approach. Appropriate consideration should be given to the option of keeping the community as it is. A few dollars should be spent on a Chelsea council agenda item looking in to “How do we maintain the status quo in Chelsea?”

Richard Herron

Chelsea, Quebec