Man beats up nurse at Wakefield, Quebec hospital


by admin on April 21, 2011

A 47-year-old Duclos man finds himself in the psychiatric unit of a Hull hospital after he physically assaulted a male nurse and sexually assaulted a female nurse at the Wakefield, Quebec hospital April 16.

According to MRC des Collines Spokesperson Martin Fournel, the incident began around 7:30 a.m. on April 16 after the man, who was brought to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries following a single-vehicle accident, refused to put out his cigarette.

“He was in the evaluation room and when the doctor came in, he was smoking a cigarette,” said Fournel, adding that the doctor was a female. “He wouldn’t put it out and pushed the doctor to the wall.”

A male nurse entered and tried to restrain the man, who in a rage began punching and kicking the male nurse.

“He got beat up,” said Fournel, adding that the nurse was punched in the face, thrown to the floor and kicked several times.

Hospital personnel then decided to leave the man alone and called 911, but even the MRC police who responded to the call couldn’t convince the man to butt out.

“When we arrived, he was still in the same room, still smoking,” said Fournel. When officers told him to put out the cigarette, he egged them on and told them to “come and get it yourself.”

Officers were then forced to use pepper spray on the man and managed to get him into handcuffs, but he wasn’t about to co-operate just yet.

Another female nurse entered to  check the man’s injuries and put him in a neck brace, but he managed to wiggle around close enough to touch her sexually. According to Fournel, the man managed to touch her genitals while handcuffed.

The man was then transported to Hull for further evaluation, but he continued to resist anyone who came near him. Police pepper-sprayed him a second time to restrain him, after which he was transported to hospital in Hull, leaving police and Wakefield hospital workers wondering what set the man off.

“He is not known to police and has no record,” said Fournel. “We really don’t know what triggered all of this. He wouldn’t put out his cigarette and it all started with that. All this for a smoke?”

It’s not clear if the man’s auto accident on Cleo Fournier Road in the wee hours of April 16 had anything to do with his subsequent fit at the Wakefield hospital. Police couldn’t confirm what kind of injuries he suffered, only that they were minor. Fournel said the man lost control of his vehicle and hit a hydro pole.

He remains under psychiatric care, but faces multiple charges of assault, sexual assault, obstruction of justice and public mischief.