Mayoralty candidate opens campaign with name-calling


by admin on March 23, 2011

The Editor,


I plan to run for mayor of La Peche, Quebec. My platform will have two main planks:

One, I am not Robert Bussiere. Two, my first act upon being elected as your new mayor will be to name the new treatment facility to be located on the Gatineau River just  upstream from where you used to like to swim the “Robert Bussiere Septic Tank Sludge Processing Facility.”

My next act as mayor of La Peche, following in the current mayor’s footsteps, will be to expropriate all of Chelsea North.

If that fails, we will roll tanks – (septic tanks, of course, once we Fuzzy Lumpkins can figure out how to drive them) – to liberate them, surely to be welcomed by most current inhabitants as “some” of the council in the South act as though we don’t exist.


Andrew Atrens

Farm Point, Quebec