MG- Continued development

Continued development

I believe that Chelsea can become a vibrant and exciting community while still retaining an integral part of its heritage and its rural character. It is what makes us different from so many other municipalities and what makes Chelsea so special. Our rural traditions must remain at the forefront of our continued development, more importantly, though, we have to move forward together, united. In order to accomplish this task our council needs to improve communications between town hall and residents and we also must act with more transparency. Read More.

Our municipality needs to flourish, but as Chelsea changes, we need to ensure that these changes are in line with the aspirations of our residents while still reflecting what we have always been; a proud, united and environmentally conscious community.

We need to improve our infrastructures and municipal services. We need to work with our school boards to ensure that our young families can send their children to our schools here in our community. We cannot wait until tomorrow, when the reality of our demographics will leave us with little or no options and we’ll be forced to send our children away to schools in other municipalities.

Protecting our natural resources, our lakes and waterways and making the right environmental decisions are a priority for all of us. Seniors need better services and options; options which can permit them to retire in the community they’ve lived in and built for us. We have to deal with these issues today, before these problems take us by surprise and become too expensive and difficult to resolve.

I will work to open the lines of communication and increase transparency in the planning process. It’s time for town hall to be inclusive in its planning for us to achieve unity and maintain our sense of a healthy, striving community.

I will address the issues that concern us today rather than wait for these issues to address us tomorrow.

I will fight for a continued, sensible and affordable development.

I will fight for the efficient management of our public funds.

I will fight for debt reduction.

I will question budget considerations.

I will question spending practices.

I will fight rising taxes.

I will voice your concerns at the municipal table.

All I ask is that you vote for something different, something new.