MG – We believe in our community

We believe in our community

02 October 2009

Dear Chelsea,

My wife and I came to Chelsea five years ago because we had faith in your extraordinary community. We believed we could offer our young family the best schooling, the best in family values and the best that rural life could offer. This is exactly what we found in Chelsea. These elements are all defined by the people and families belonging to this community as well as the principles that are adhered to by all of us.

We were anxious to join with you and become part of something we considered special. Once here, we were accepted with warmth and appreciation and were made to feel right at home. Families and individuals embraced us and accepted us as part of this privileged community. Since then we have developed lasting friendships and relationships that we will always cherish. It quickly became clear to us that we would be able to offer our children all that we had wished for. We are forever grateful to you for letting us share the endless advantages of Chelsea’s pleasant, quiet life.

We truly believe that if Chelsea is what it is today, it is because of you; the families and individuals that live here, because of your strong values, your commitment and your devotion to this municipality.

Now we would like to give something back to Chelsea.

With my wife’s loving support I’m running for office as councillor in Ward 2.

We pledge to devote ourselves to Chelsea as it continues to be one of the most envied municipalities in Western Québec. We will endeavour to protect Chelsea, its parks, its lakes and rivers against the ever threatening onslaught of uncontrolled and reckless urbanism. We will be attentive to your needs, welcome your suggestions and carefully voice your opinions at the council table; we will do all in our power to preserve what is best in our cherished rural life.

The reason we would do this is simple……

We believe in our community

On behalf of my wife Isabelle and our family, Mathis, Donatien, Rémy and Marie,

Thank you

Marcel Gauvreau