Misleading headline may confuse La Pechers


by admin on January 27, 2010

The Editor,
I note with interest and some sense of consternation that your “on line” website version of last week’s La Peche, Quebec budget and property tax article has the following sub-heading:
“Average homeowner will still pay 8 per cent more”.
The front page version in your printed paper of Jan. 20th, did not have this very revealing line but the headline of the article below very prominently displayed the anticipated increase of only 4.5% for the average Chelsea taxpayer. This in itself would be par for the course with frequent disconnect between the article content and the headline but the actual La Peche report headline confused the issue by referring to a 10 per cent cut. I think the public should carefully read both articles. La Peche cut the “mill rate” by 10 per cent while average assessment rates went up 18 per cent.
It would only be fair to La Peche residents and to the Municipality of Chelsea to point out that there is no cut of any kind coming to the vast majority of La Peche residents (rather an average eight per cent increase) and that Chelsea’s Council remains within the 10 year planning regime forecast through the work of the previous council.
Let’s try for some balance, Ms. Editor/Publisher, on this topic.
Josh Moon

Former Chelsea councillor

Editor’s Note: We will concede somewhat to you on this one. The original headlines (that appear online) were cut due to space restrictions. The shorter version may confuse headline-skimmers, but it is still accurate that the mill rate was reduced. The first paragraph clearly states most residents will be paying more after evaluations are calculated.