Misplaced Earth Day reverence


by admin on May 14, 2014

The Editor,

While I agree totally with Ian Huggett’s take on Earth Day (May 7, letter to the editor) and all of its trappings, his reverence bestowed on both David Suzuki and Elizabeth May (“evangelical environmentalists”) is grossly misplaced. David Suzuki has become an extremely wealthy man while eschewing basic capitalism. He attacks carbon footprints yet owns four multi-million dollar homes on the west coast. Even more galling is his co-ownership in one of the properties with a fossil fuel company. And I wonder aloud how many transoceanic flights he has taken over his lifetime.

Elizabeth May, on the other hand, is simply having a great time, buying pretty clothes, getting her hair done, and smiling a lot, all on the taxpayer’s hook.

By the way, I guess I was a hippie during the 1960s, but have never owned a BMW. I currently drive a nine-year-old Honda and do have a fixed address.

Bruce Burnet

Chelsea, QC

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