Moments of silence for missing officials in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on November 18, 2009

The Editor,

With the piper’s lament and Honour Guard at attention we will remember  them. Unfortunately what I remember from last week’s ceremony at the Wakefield, Quebec memorial was the continuous traffic noise throughout the solemn event.

Many onlookers were annoyed that traffic was not halted at the  intersection of River road and Valley Drive. As prayers were read, delivery trucks, back hoes and a few vehicles with muffler problems were allowed to continue to drive past as if it were a normal working day.

Why the police could not stop traffic for the duration is baffling to say the least. They do this on Canada Day for at least 45 minutes.

It is a day of remembrance, a day people should take two minutes or

15 to thank our vets new and old who we support . Why can’t a delivery truck driver have the sense to pull over and pay tribute like the rest of the country is doing at that moment.

Missing from the Honour Guard was a representative from the local police, it was embarrassing when the Master of Ceremony Barry Schwerdfeger called on the police to lay a wreath at the memorial, it was met with silence. Where was someone from our provincial government, too busy to take two minutes?

It doesn’t have to be our MNA it could have been an office worker from Ms Vallee’s riding office. This was also met with a long silence. When police, government and other public officials are invited to attend Remembrance day ceremonies please RSVP.

Certainly the timing of 425 Squadron from Bagotville Que. flying over our beautiful village during the piper’s lament couldn’t have been planned better and they weren’t even invited!

Phil Nolan