More important priorities than Meredith in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on October 28, 2009

The Editor,

Letter to Jean Perras,

As a caring citizen of our lovely rural Chelsea, Quebec, I am writing to you while the community is divided.  A number of serious problems are pending:

After 16 years on council and as mayor since 2001, you announced Sept. 29 to the Ottawa Citizen that “the most important thing we have accomplished is bringing in the sewage system in Old Chelsea, New Chelsea and Farm Point”.  You admitted that “reducing fire response times” has been required for all municipalities.  This was also portrayed in your October 2009 and last Mayor’s Annual Report when you state your “taking action” priorities in the following order:  1- Prevention [firefighters] and public safety 2- Roads 3- Environment 4- Master Plan for land use 5- Sports, Recreation and Culture.

To state the obvious, there are four priorities ahead of the Meredith center. Having a proper medical clinic and increasing the frequency of STO public transport could be added as an additional priority before the Meredith center. And, to be consistent, could you tell us what measures you put in place, before the end of your tenure, to ensure that these priorities are respected and pursued?

The green sign numbers which were implanted free of charge in front of Chelsea houses, looking like army barracks numbers, duplicated the already existing appropriate home numbers.  The sign number in front of my house fell as a result of prior digging by the municipality and was taken inside the garage.  Meanwhile, a municipal staffer appeared with another sign number.  I told him that this was not needed as I already had the one which fell. He replied by saying: don’t worry, you pay nothing for that. He said the cost price was $60 and that I was not the only one to receive two. You may wish to agree, that this practice is costly and unnecessary.

It was my intention to raise these issues on the occasion of your meeting members of the constituency, as many of us believe would take place as you bid farewell. But it seems that this will not be the case. We would be most grateful if you could provide us with answers to these pertinent questions shaping the future of our split community.

Dr. Safwat Ayoub