More tax money to pay for Meredith spin doctor in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on March 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: “Chelsea, Quebec’s new PR man”, March 10 edition

What exactly are “strategic communications”, if I may ask? It sounded to me like another term for “marketing” or “spin”, so I went to the Crisiscomms website to see where my tax dollars were going. Apparently their skills include how to “handle a hostile media”, “turn misfortune into opportunity” and “defuse antagonistic audiences”.

So before we get the impression that the municipality is using more of our tax dollars to sell us on something we already think is too expensive, perhaps an example would help. In the interest of transparency, it would be great if Chelsea could give us an example of what they previously would have told us, and Mr. Geisterfer could then put it in “strategic terms” so we can see the difference, and find out what we are getting for $50 an hour.

At the moment it seems to me that council (which is strongly made of former Chelsea Foundation members) is hiring another former member, with more of our money, to try and win over the half that doesn’t want the Meredith Centre. If that isn’t the case, please clear it up, because I found that story insulting. So much so that it required some effort to keep the tone of this letter light, as Chelsea has a penchant for suing dissenting voices.

Mike Reynolds

Chelsea, Quebec