Motorbike crashes on Hwy 105 in Wakefield, Quebec


by Trevor Greenway on August 6, 2009


A Petawawa man grunts in agony as medics wheel him into an ambulance after his motorcycle clipped a minivan on Hwy 105 Aug. 1. Photo by Trevor Greenway of the Low Down

A 30-year-old Petawawa man was taken to Hull hospital with minor injuries after his motorcycle collided with a minivan on Hwy 105 just south of Alcove Aug. 1.

When the Low Down showed up on the scene at about 4 p.m., the driver of the motorbike was sitting against a guardrail, unable to move his neck, which was in a brace. His entire body was shaking and several people spoke softly to him, trying to calm him down.

A large gash on his left knee spilled out some blood, and he trembled and moaned as paramedics cut through his jeans and tended to that gash and the other scrapes on his legs and arms.

A mobile nurse traveling with the ambulance patted the man’s sweating face with a towel while police officers directed traffic around the accident.

“It started out to be such a good weekend,” he gasped to medical workers as they patched up his wounds.

Paramedics then slowly moved the man onto a stretcher and into an ambulance to take him to the Hull hospital. Every little bump or tilt of the stretcher had him gasping in pain.

Aug 5 front page

Aug 5 front page

The extent of the driver’s injuries is unknown at this point, as police have only said that his wounds are “minor.”

“Broken limbs and concussions fall under minor injuries,” said Martin Fournel, spokesperson for the MRC des Collines Police.

According to Fournel, the driver of the motorcycle was at fault, as he veered into the southbound lane before crashing into the minivan.

“The minivan saw (the motorcycle) coming, tried to avoid it on the shoulder, but it was too late,” said Fournel.

The Petawawa man struck the side of the minivan and was launched off his bike immediately. He then skidded along the highway several feet, scraping his limbs and jarring his neck along the way.

Although it’s unknown what caused the man to swerve into the other lane, Fournel said that another vehicle was following very close behind the bike and that could have forced him to lose focus of the road in front of him.

Traffic was stalled for close to an hour on Hwy 105 as the road was reduced down to one lane for both directions while police took photographs, measurements and set flares along the road.

The driver of the minivan, a 26-year-old Masham woman, was not injured in the accident and will face no charges.